How Poker Started – History of poker

How Poker Started – History of poker

Today, the World Series of Poker collects thousands of participants, and the prize money is estimated at millions of dollars. But of course, it was not always so. It all began with small and actually friendly gatherings. The only thing that can be said for sure is that the idea was absolutely certain to reach global success.

Mysterious Greek

Today, the WSOP respects its traditions, and many of its manifestations have been following them since the 1940s. For example, the residence of the tournament is still Las Vegas. In fact, everything was born in 1949, when Nicholas Dandolos, or simply the Greek, appeared in the Sin City. He was an inveterate gambler and an excellent poker player. It would seem that there were plenty of places in Vegas where one could find a game. However, at that time poker tournaments consisted of regular companies in the casino (standard 7-8 people at one table), and hold’em was limited. Nicholas preferred No Limit and battles one on one, considering this format more spectacular.

In search of action, he went to Benny Binion, the owner of the casino Horseshoe. As a real businessman, Binion saw a good prospect for the monetization of Greekā€™s idea and suggested an unusual and even unique show. The idea was to organize a multi-day game with a permanent opponent in the heads-up. It was not difficult to find a rival – the name of Johnny Moss, the famous poker professional from Dallas, thundered at the end of the forties.

Johnny Moss was the world champion in poker in 1970, 1971 and 1974. Before his death in 1995, he did not miss a single WSOP.

Their battle lasted six months. Every day hundreds of onlookers crowded into the Horseshoe, eager to watch the game. The profit of the casino increased at times – Binion was never tired of rubbing his hands. As for the outcome, the victory was won by Moss.

His profit was $2 million – great money today, needless to mention the post-war years. It remains only to guess what profit the casino owner had.

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