All About Poker Game – Learn How to Play Poker

Poker is one of the most actual and widespread card games played worldwide.There are two basic formats of poker: tournament poker and cash tables. It is preferable to try both types and choose the most suitable for you. It is believed that cash games type is more promising when it comes to earnings, while tournaments are more exciting.

Differences in Rules of Poker Formats

Cash Poker Games Tournaments
Cash poker game is played at one table Tournament involves several tables
Players exchange funds for chips Players pay Buy-In and receive an equal number of chips
Players can quit the poker game at any time and exchange their chips for money Players receive money in the end according to the prizes announced
Blinds are equal during the whole poker game Blinds increase as time passes
Players can always rebuy chips and continue playing Players are out of the competition after losing all their chips

Obviously, there are a lot of fundamental differences. Moreover, there are different cash games and different events types, and you can also play online in the casino or at home with friends. Poker is represented by many varieties, so there will always be plenty to choose from!

Cash Game

Cash Poker Game

Most players begin to get acquainted with poker from cash games. This is the game which is easily played with friends at the kitchen table. Apparently, this game is played for money. Cash games are played universally, at home and in clubs, in casinos and on the Web.

Texas poker is usually played by 9 or 10 players. With the introduction of online poker, short tables for 6 people have become more popular. Users can play more hands than at a long table. Also they can behave more aggressively. For this reason you can not just relax and wait for good cards, as the blinds move very quickly. Online cash games quickly gained a large army of fans.

In the casino you can play popular games: Texas poker, Omaha poker or Stud. Omaha poker has several differences from Texas Holdem, which makes it even more exciting. At home people often play less common game variations which sometimes have very intricate rules.


There are several types of tournaments. Tournaments can also be held in casinos, private clubs, at home and online. The rules of poker tournament usually require a fee. After making payment players receive special chips, that have no real value outside the tournament. The blinds in the tournament increase at certain intervals. The constant growth of blinds forces players to actively join the game, and not sit out waiting for good poker cards.

The number of prizewinners usually depends on the number of players. The player, who takes the first place, gets 30% – 50% of the prize fund, the second gets a little less, the third – even smaller amount and so on.

Poker Odds

Poker Odds

In cash games you are able to mathematically determine, when the call is the “right” decision. This means that it’s necessary for you to find out whether you will lose or win money in the same situation. You compare the expected winnings with the chances to lose. If the “predictable win” is positive, then you need to stay in the hand. Calculation of the predicted win includes two stages: calculating the “pot odds” and comparing this figure with the chances of getting one of the outs. Poker odds are usually given in the form of tables, so you need not to learn them by heart.

Poker News

The gaming world is full of various events. Numerous tournament series are conducted in many countries from time to time. Their winners receive enormous prizes becoming millionaires. Those, who want to stay tuned for gaming news, can follow numerous informational resources. and are good examples of such modern websites which can give you all necessary data on poker-related news, tools, rules, or poker blogs like is more, here you can find information about such poker rooms as:

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If you are fond of poker game and its variations, do not wait and start playing mastering new skills and revealing your unique talent.